Temple performs same-sex marriage ceremony; newlyweds hurdle barriers with love – The Times-Tribune

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2011 at 8:11 pm
“The Simmonses have a relationship many people would envy.  The couple has known each other since kindergarten in Dingmans Ferry, Pike County. They became best friends as students at Delaware Valley High School. They realized they felt something more than friendship and dated for more than 5½ years. The couple planned for a baby and welcomed daughter, Taliah, into their South Carolina home in June. They were married Aug. 14, surrounded by family and friends in the tradition of reform Judaism. But there was something that made their union slightly different, a first for the Jewish congregation in Scranton – Jen and Naomi Simmons are a same-sex couple.
They had to leave the state for legal recognition of their marriage, making an appointment with a justice of the peace in Connecticut on Aug. 4. The couple then returned to family and friends in Pennsylvania for a traditional Jewish wedding Aug. 14, becoming the first same-sex couple married with the blessing of Temple Hesed in Scranton.”

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