Focus on the Family cuts 49 jobs in Colorado Springs – The Denver Post

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2011 at 4:02 am
The problem with “Focus on the Family” is it’s selectivity – it’s focus is only on some families, those that meet its particular definition. Historically, it actively opposed some families – those headed by same-sex couples, or by single gay men or lesbians. In recent years, it has been struggling to raise enough funds to continue its anti-gay crusade, and has been forced to cut funding for its most offensive programs. The news that they are continuing to lose donors, and must cut back still further on their programs, is good news for families – those headed by sexual minorities.
Conservative Christian ministry Focus on the Family announced Friday it is eliminating 49 jobs in the latest of several rounds of layoffs in response to ongoing economic pressures.

The family-counseling center in Colorado Springs had a $105 million budget this fiscal year ending Sept. 30, but officials project it will receive donations of only $90 million to $95 million.This new 7 percent staff reduction brings the employee number to 650, down from a 2002 peak of 1,400 people. In the past few years, Focus has let go of almost 500 workers.” 

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