Growing Catholic Acceptance Of Gay Relationships, LGBT Equality

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New research finds US Catholics view gay relationships as morally acceptable. Furthermore,  Catholic support is higher, and is growing faster, than in the American population as a whole.
Two Gallup polls released in the last two days show once again that public acceptance of gay relationships and LGBT equality is continuing to grow – and  US Catholics, unlike their bishops, are more supportive than others.  The graph below shows a clear trend over the past 10 years: acceptance is increasing steadily, and has now crossed the 50% threshold, while opposition is eroding just as steadily.
2001-2010 Trend: Perceived Moral Acceptability of Gay/Lesbian Relations
As we have seen in previous polls, Catholic support for acceptance is stronger than that of Protestants. and also stronger than that of the country at large. What I have not seen before though, is that Catholic support is also growing faster.
Percentage Calling Gay/Lesbian Relations Morally Acceptable, by Politics, Religion
Support for full marriage equality is not as strong , not growing as quickly, and not as pronounced among Catholics. Still, at 48% of US Catholics supporting gay marriage, this is stronger than the country as a whole (overall, 44% of Americans are in favour, up from 40% in 2009, and also in 2oo8.)
Notably, 81% of Americans who claim no religious affiliation favor legal same-sex marriage. That compares to 48% support among Catholics and 33% among Protestants (including those who identify as Christian but do not specify a particular Christian denomination).
I will enjoy digging further into the history of these annual Gallup reports, and if I turn up anything of further interest – you’ll be the first to know.
Read more at Gallup, on LGBT acceptance, and on Gay Marriage.
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